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Lesbian couples as parents

 Every year, StorkKlinik helps lesbian couples from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany England, France and other countries to become parents.

StorkKlinik initially opened as a clinic for lesbian couples

StorkKlinik opened in 1999 and was the first private clinic to offer insemination to single and lesbian women. We are proud of our history, where Midwife Nina Stork made it possible for lesbian women to become parents at a time when the law did not permit doctors to treat women who were not married or living with a man.
Read the full story here

A homely atmosphere for women

From day 1, Nina Stork designed the clinic based on the needs she herself felt were important to a lesbian couple. The result was a warm, pleasant ambience with single rooms that allow time to rest. We also have small lounges with photos of babies that were born with our assistance, a noticeboard and a large map of the world that shows where the women come from. You can see lots of other lesbian women who are in exactly the same situation and stage of their lives as you.

Choosing donor sperm

Here at StorkKlinik, we have vast expertise regarding the whole process related to donor sperm. We have a close co-operation with the sperm banks, and we have also gained lots of experience around the process lesbian women have to go through when choosing donor sperm.

We will discuss choosing a donor with you. For example we will ask you: How much do you want your child to know? What will tell your child and everyone else?

For some people conceiving a child through a donor is a process that awakens very strong emotions. Emotions that they were not prepared for. A little further down this page, you can listen to a podcast and see a video from a lesbian couple, Anja and Gro Hammerseng-Edin, who talk about their experience of the process around choosing a donor.

Network for lesbian and donor children

As more and more donor children come into the world through the assistance of StorkKlinik, a need arose for this group to meet. Since 2006, donor children and their families—generally lesbian and single women—have been able to meet up at the annual Stork Event in Copenhagen, which has attracted large numbers of families from Denmark, Norway, Sweden and other European countries. This creates a special community, and it’s special for the children to meet other children who also have two mothers.

Video from the Stork Event (danish)

Video of Anja and Gro: Having children as a lesbian couple

The best people to tell us about embarking on the journey to parenthood as a lesbian couple has got to be other lesbian couples who have been through this. You can see two handball players Anja and Gro Hammerseng-Edin from Norway here. Anja and Gro-Hammerseng-Edin decided to come to Denmark for assistance in having the child they dreamed of.

Listen to the (approximately 16-minute long) interview, where they talk about :

  • Thinking about having a child
  • Their first visit to the clinic
  • Choosing a donor
  • The waiting time
  • Their son Mio and talking to their child about being a donor child
  • Their openness towards the outside world about being lesbian and having a donor child
  • Difficult emotions

See the video from the information meeting in Oslo in 2018, where they talk about:

Choosing StorkKlinik (danish)

About feeling secure during the process – their experience of StorkKlinik

Feelings about the donor (danish)

Jealousy and shame – gratitude– the important relationship

Donor selection (danish)

List of donors – Anja’s strong emotions – decisions – Norwegian law

Being two mothers (danish)

Mio’s father? – openness towards the outside world

A different type of family (danish)

Fear of bullying? – questions from Mio – other adults

Thoughts about the donor (danish)

Instagram – open donor – extended profiles

Parents of donor children in school

More and more children of single women, lesbian and heterosexual couples who were donor-conceived are now going to school. Together with the European Sperm Bank, StorkKlinik has created material containing good advice for parents of donor-conceived children as well as teachers.



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