Insemination / The health record consultation is the first step in the process

Health record consultation

The health record consultation is the first step in the process

The health record consultation is a personal consultation to ensure that you are ready for the process both physically and mentally, and that you receive any advice you require.

You do not need to have received the results of all your tests before having the health record consultation, but all your papers must of course be in order before the actual insemination process.

If you have previously received fertility treatment from StorkKlinik, we would ask you to fill out a new journal, so that we are up to date about your upcoming pregnancy.

The consultation will be about you and your situation. We will review what you have written in your journal and give you advice about how to proceed.

We will support you in making your final decision. We will discuss the different types of donor sperm – contactable and non-contactable. What could be the advantages or disadvantages of choosing an extended profile of the donor? Why? What are you hopes and dreams, and what are the concrete issues?

Our opinion is that there is no one right decision and that there are a number of factors that must be considered based on your personal outlook, your family background and where you are in your life right now. So use the health record consultation and our detailed questions to look into and note what is most important or less important to you with regard to donor sperm.

During the health record consultation, we will also discuss lifestyles and the more emotional aspects of the process with you. We do this based on the fact that if you have a healthy lifestyle before you become pregnant, you will have a healthier pregnancy and a healthier child.

We assess your chances of becoming pregnant and discuss with you what you would like to do to increase you chances of becoming pregnant.

We set aside about 45 minutes for the health record consultation. You are welcome to come alone or to bring your partner or a good friend with you. If you have a partner, we also recommend that he/she is with you if you are having the consultation by phone or via Skype.

Please fill out theelectronic journalon our homepage and send it to us before your consultation takes place. You do not need to have made up you mind fully before the consultation. We are experienced in such consultations where someone is considering if this is something for them. Just let us know at booking that you would like a consultation for clarification purposes.

When you come for the actual insemination, you will be asked to produce photo ID. We do this to ensure optimum safety.


You can choose to have the health record consultation conducted via Skype. You just need to mention this


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