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The actual insemination

Being inseminated should be a pleasant and caring experience, and this is something that should not be rushed. We set aside an hour for the consultation, insemination and subsequent rest.

An entirely different and positive experience of conception

We feel it is important that the insemination process takes place in calm surrounding, and that you feel ready to face the world again before heading out into the busy city. We recommend that you take plenty of time to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet for about 30 minutes after insemination. We try to create cosy surroundings and a nice ambiance with candles and music if you wish. It is OK if you do not have the time or you do not wish to rest afterwards. You could well get pregnant anyway. The most important thing is that you have a positive experience and that you feel comfortable.

The examination couch is organically shaped and extra wide, so you will be lying comfortably. There is room for a partner, if you would like to rest together after insemination.

We use supporting wedges for your feet and not the usual stirrups that are normally found on examination couches. Not having your legs ”dangling” during insemination, but having your feet free and placed firmly on the bed may give you more of a sense of autonomy. So, how the insemination takes place is entirely up to you.

The donor sperm is prepared

Before your arrival, the donor sperm is washed in order to remove male hormones, bacteria, dead sperm cells, etc. This washing process is important so that only the best and fastest sperm cells are introduced into the uterus.

Your insemination experience will be safe and relaxing, and we will explain in detail what is going to happen.

The actual insemination only takes a moment. Sperm is introduced into your uterus via a thin catheter when you are ovulating.

As you will see, we have developed a particularly gentle insemination technique which is particularly suitable for women who normally find gynaecological examinations difficult.

After your first insemination

After the insemination you might experience some perfectly normal reactions in the days following:

* Fluids might "leak" from the vagina on the first day; this is because of the gel we use. It becomes liquid at body temperature.

*Slight fresh bleeding. For some women the mucous membranes surrounding the "mouth" of the cervix can be delicate and sensitive. Therefore, these women might experience a slight bleeding at contact. The catheter might irritate or scratch the cervix canal, thereby causing a slight bleeding, which should not exceed what can be contained by a panty liner. A bleeding such as this is quite harmless and does not affect your chance of becoming pregnant.

* Menstrual like cramps. We inseminate using 0,5 ml nutrient medium which the sperm is contained in. The uterus does not normally contain this and might therefore react by contracting. To some women this can feel a lot like menstrual pains, it does not affect the chance of pregnancy.


It is important to see a doctor if you have:

Sever increasing pain

Sever and increasing bleeding


Increasing malodorous discharge

You must see a doctor immediately if you become dizzy, have difficulty breating, rapid heartbeat and redness to the skin as this might indicate an allergic reaction.

Avoid baths and swimming pools for 24 hours after insemination, as there is a small risk of infection. In addition to this here are no other precautions, it is all about being healthy and having as normal an everyday life as possible. You can easily exercise, go to work and do the things you normally do.


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