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Ultrasound Guidelines

Insemination during your natural cycle supported by ultrasound and ovulation injections if applicable

Being inseminated during your natural cycle means that you have to know when you ovulate. Some women may be uncertain about finding the optimal ovulation time, perhaps because their cycles are irregular or because they may not be sure about how to check their ovulation test (LH test).

StorkKlinik can help you using ultrasound scans and ovulation injections.

Ultrasound scan

An ultrasound scan of your ovaries allows us to see how many follicles you have and how big they are. We can also observe the appearance of the endometrial lining of the uterus (womb) and measure its thickness. This gives us an overall picture of when it would be best to inseminate you. Scanning can take place one-four days before you are due to ovulate.

Ovulation injection

You can continue to test for a rise in your LH level and be inseminated in relation to this. If you want to guarantee that ovulation will take place, you can have an ovulation injection about 36 hours prior to insemination. However, you should have an ovulation injection if you have already had an ultrasound scan to ensure that you have a suitable number of ripe follicles. One of our fertility coordinators will guide on when the ideal time for you would be.


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