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Screening for cervical cancer

When StorkKlinik requests that you have a smear test (where a sample of cells are taken from your cervix [the neck of the womb] and analysed) before starting treatment at the clinic, this is because we would prefer you not to have to face challenges that could have been avoided once you have embarked on the process. A sample of cells is taken from the cervix in order to diagnose a precancerous condition of the cervix (cellular changes) in order to treat any cellular changes and prevent these developing into cervix cancer. It is thought that cervical cancer develops over a number of precancerous stages of increasing severity over the course of a number of years. Unlike minor cellular changes that often disappear spontaneously, severe cellular changes more frequently develop into even more severe cellular changes and then cervical cancer.

As there are generally no symptoms with the precancerous stages of cervical cancer, these are only detected when a sample of cells is taken from the cervix. There are several degrees of abnormal cells, and simply having cellular changes does not mean that you have cervical cancer.

The sample of cells is taken from the cervix during a general gynaecological examination, often using a small, soft brush. Having this test done does not hurt, but it may feel a little unpleasant. The test is then sent for further examination to check for any abnormal cells. The test results are normally received after a couple of weeks. If the test shows that you have abnormal cells or minor cellular changes, this in no way means that you definitely requirement treatment. In such a case, you will normally be advised to have a repeat test and a decision will be made on what to do after this.

We would like to emphasize that cellular changes are not indicative of cervical cancer, but they should always be followed up.


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