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Taking hormones in connection with hormone-stimulated insemination

Hormone stimulation is either given as tablets and/or as injections into the stomach. You will be given clear instructions by the staff at StorkKklinik – and you are always welcome to contact us if necessary.

  • Take a fold of stomach skin in the area under your navel, and insert the needle at an angle
  • Inject the drug slowly
  • Wash your hands
  • Attach the needle to the syringe
  • Break the top of the ampoule/swab the vials
  • Draw up the fluid from the ampoule/vial
  • Inject the fluid into the powder, and draw it back into the syringe
  • If more powder will be used, now inject the mixture down into the next ampoule/vial with powder NB: a maximum of 3 parts powder to each part water
  • When the prescribed amounts have been mixed, change to a thin needle
  • Air bubbles should be removed before injecting yourself in the stomach below your navel

We use two different pen types for injecting follicle-stimulating hormones at StorkKlinik. One pen comes with the drug pre-mixed – and you must change the entire pen when it is empty. With the other pen you must put in a cartridge with the drug each time, and the same pen is used throughout your treatment. The cartridge should be replaced when/if it is empty. The principle for both pens is simple and detailed verbal, written and practical user instructions are provided by the clinic.

Some drugs are supplied in pre-mixed syringes that are ready to use, so there is no need for you to mix the drug mixture. The syringe is filled with the amount of the drug that will be used for one injection. This also applies, for example, to the ovulation induction injection.

If you are unsure or need help, you are always welcome to contact StorkKlinik. You can phone us during our opening hours on +45 3257 3316 or email us


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