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Home insemination/known donor

Home insemination with a known donor

If you know a man who would like to be a donor, then bring him along for an advisory consultation

We will discuss with you what is involved in using and being a known donor:

  • Practical issues – which syringes, how and when
  • Emotional issues – who will have what roles and determining your expectations of one another
  • Legal issues – who will have parental custody, etc. 

If there will be multiple parents, it would be beneficial if you are all present for the consultation. It is often good to have a third party who can ask the more difficult questions.

You do not need to have made a definite decision before attending this consultation. You should just let us know at booking that you would like a consultation for clarification purposes. We will then book a consultation with someone who is experienced in providing the advice you require. 


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