Deciding to have a baby is a major decision, regardless of how conception comes about.

For most people choosing insemination can be an important, exciting and moving experience.

Therefore, it is important that you feel you feel comfortable when you come here.

For this reason we take a slightly different approach to insemination than you have probably experienced during a traditional gynaecological examination.

Before you can be inseminated, you must come for an introductory health record consultation where you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have about the process.

Please phone +45 3257 3316 to make an appointment.

If you live quite far away and you are happy to do so, the consultation can be done by phone or via Skype.

You should have completed your electronic journal and paid for the consultation no later than one week before your consultation is due to take place. You will find the journal on our homepage, and please read our information material about insemination.
You can download the information material here.

Before you are inseminated, it is important that you are tested for chlamydia and that you have a smear test (a sample of cells are taken from your cervix [the neck of the womb]) and blood tests to check for Hepatitis B (HBsAG and antiHBc), Hepatitis C and HIV-1 and HIV-2 plus other relevant tests - read more about these under Investigations andFertility investigations.

You can come for the introductory consultation even if you are unsure if insemination is an option for you. With our experience, we can support you through the process, answer your questions and let you know about other options available to help you become pregnant.

We believe that this is extremely important for both you and your child and that deciding to have a family is a very definite decision.


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