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Media searches

Journalists and the media often look for women/couples who would like to share their thoughts with others.

Over time, many women have told their stories and given courage and hope to women who long for a baby

We are really grateful to all those women/couples who shared their stories with us.

Any questions from journalists about StorkKlinik should be addressed to or please phone +45 3257 3316.

4 December 2015


I am a journalist with DR and am working on a programme about involuntary childlessness.

I would like to meet and hear about people’s experience in getting help to conceive abroad. This could be various forms of donation, for example. eggs and sperm or surrogacy.

I hope that someone will let me follow the process in achieving a successful pregnancy to show what happens.

Our programme presents in a very non-judgemental way the restrictions and possibilities that are available to those who are involuntarily childless and would like help to conceive in Denmark.

You involvement, plus or minus that of a partner, will be included in a 30-minute programme in DR’s new magazine: ”Sundhedsmagasinet”.

I hope that you, and your partner if applicable, would like to have a non-binding chat with me to share your experience and hear some more about what your involvement in the programme would be.

Please contact me as soon as possible.

Kind regards,

Asger Mow
Journalist, TV Avisen

DR Byen
Emil Holms Kanal 20, Opg. 6-2
0999 Copenhagen

Mobile: +45 28543058
Twitter: @asger_mow


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