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Kære alle kvinder og børn

The Stork Get-Together 2013 was held outdoors on Saturday 1 June. We met at Naturlegepladsen (a nature playground) in Valbyparken, where it was warm and sunny throughout the day.

We took a group photo of everyone sitting up on a hill, we made stickbread over a fire and we got ice cream from the ice cream stand and coffee from Kalles’ coffee wagon. There was a circus show by Cirkus Panik, who organised fun and games, and in between all this the children got to look at lots of sperm cells in a microscope.

We also had a visit from Niller Pilfinger, who read an extract from Stine Josefine Dige's new children’s book “ Niller Pilfinger åbner Bakken" and Pia Olsen, the author of the book "Mor uden far".

We would like to thank you all for your input and sharing your thoughts with us, and we would be happy to receive any feedback, be that positive or negative. We also welcome your ideas for a Stork Get-Together.

We look forward to seeing you next year; the date will be announced on the front page of our homepage.


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