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Stork Get-Together
Next Stork Get-Together: 09.06.2018

We have a get-together every year for children from StorkKlinik and their parents.

The Stork Get-Together is for those families that have been helped by StorkKlinik. The event will include various activities, the opportunity to look at sperm cells in the microscope, games and more.

It is a positive experience for many children to be with such a large group of other children who were conceived in a similar way to them.

For parents, the Stork Get-Together is also an opportunity to exchange experience, addresses and form groups or friendships with other parents.

The aim of these get-togethers is:

  • To celebrate the children and give them the opportunity to be part a big group that originates from a unique family type that was created in quite a special way. That the children meet in a forum, where many of them perhaps do not necessarily have a father.
  • That both the mothers and fathers get another opportunity to form a new or revisit an old network and good contacts, that may have similar joys and challenges in their everyday lives.
  • That together we can provide some support for the children’s self-image, thoughts and feelings regarding "Who am I?" and "Where did I come from?". We are well aware that this is an ongoing issue.


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