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Links - Q-talks is a conversation app that connects you, anonymously, to a live conversation group of up to 4 people based on a common interest topic. In collaboration with LFUB, a discussion topic has been created in the Health category: Interfility The Danish PCO Association website for women with PCO.<br/>An English website about having a child through donor conception as well as links to many exciting associations and studies.<br/>LGBT Denmark - The Danish National Organization for Gay Men, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Transgender persons is an interest group with a focus on gender identity and sexual orientation. Statsforvaltning (The Danish State Administration) can provide you with guidance on the rules and the legal effects of fatherhood and co-motherhood.<br/>Lots of articles about pregnancy, birth, babies and toddlers. Take part in the many debates or have a peak at our galleries with scan photos and lots more.<br/>This website is for homosexuals, single people and others who would like to become a parent(s) without living in a traditional core family with a father, mother and children, but where the bottom line is that the child will get to know both of its biological parents.

www.donorbarn.dkThis association is for donor-conceived children and parents, and the members of the association are donor-conceived children and the parents of a donor-conceived child.

The group is open to all full-time mothers or fathers, if there are any of them, to allow mothers that are lone parents by choice and who have used different donor solutions to meet as well as women with a known donor (a friend, an ex-boyfriend, a father who has given up his right to the child, etc.). The common denominator as we have said is that we are all full-time mothers with full responsibility for our child/children.<br/>

Storkklinik Netværk/networking, Copenhagen<br/>Adoption & samfund,<br/>Femmis, a Swedish association for single mothers by choice through insemination/IVF, is a non-profit and independent association. The association is made up of women in different stages of the process of becoming single mothers through assisted reproduction at the clinic and with a donor<br/>The association provides many interesting links.<br/>Landsforeningen for ufrivilligt barnløse (The National Association of Involuntary Childlessness), is both for those who are in the process and have not yet had children and those who have been fortunate enough to have children and have experience in this area.<br/>Seed Siblings is an organisation for those who were conceived as a result of sperm donation provided by a Nordic clinic or a Danish sperm bank. In our forum you can interact with others in a similar situation.<br/>We welcome parents, donor conceived persons and current or past donors!

HomoFÆDREGRUPPEN år2015 - “a sort of mothers’ group, but for gay men" There are lots of interesting books for children and adults here.<br/>The clinic offers preparation for a natural birth, midwife consultations, pregnancy and post-natal exercise, music and movement for small children and movement and relaxation for mature women with a particular focus on the pelvic floor.


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