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Authors: Signe Fjord and Anne Patricia Rehlsdorph

Looking for an overview of your options (insemination by sperm donor, co-parenting, adoption - just to mention a few) and the ethical, moral and emotional aspects on how to become a mom?

Feeling like you are the only single woman in the world longing for a child?

You are not alone. We promise.


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Mor uden far

Author: Pia Olsen

In the book ”Mor uden far”, eight women relate their stories about how they arrived at the decision to become single parents. These women's stories are all very different, and these include the reasons for their choices: Broken relationships, being unlucky in love and years of fertility treatment are just some of the reasons.

Pia Olsen has written a beautiful, insightful book about an important subject, and all the strong women in the book have demonstrated their desire for a longed-for child - without a father.

All these mothers wish for luck and happiness, and, not least, that they will enrich the children with the most important thing in life - love. Lots of love.

You can buy the book here

The "Bag om Barnløshed og fertilitetsbehandling" book by Sociologist and Coach Birgitte Klock Clausen, 2014, Self-published, Alemona 195 pages.

Niller Pilfinger Åbner Bakken

Author: Stine Josefine Dige

The boy with the ten fidgety fingers and two mothers on a new dangerous and colourful adventure

His name is Niller Pilfinger. The lively little chap with ten small fidgety fingers that add excitment to his life, is back. Last year the book, "Niller Pilfinger får en flyvetur", about a family trip to Flyvergrillen was published. This time it is a trip in his parents' Nimbus motorbike with sidecar to an amusement park called Dyrehavsbakken. The "Niller Pilfinger åbner Bakken" book is naughty, colourful and at times even slightly dangerous...

Having fidgety fingers can be an advantage. At least for Niller Pilfinger.

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Sådan holder du hovedet koldt

Author: Liselotte Vejborg

The book is written for women who are about to start on or are going through fertility treatment and women who are in the process of adopting or waiting to start the process. The author of the book, Liselotte Vejborg, has herself been through fertility treatment and the subsequent wait to adopt. You can read about Liselotte's own story and experiences in the book, which also provides a voice for many other women who are waiting or have been through this waiting process.

”Sådan holder du hovedet koldt – en guide til dig, der venter på barn” will help you to prepare as best as you can for this wait and will also help you during the process. You will be given practical help in handling a lot of the challenges that, by definition, will occur during this time of waiting, and the book will also help you to answer the following questions:

Is is possible at all to gain anything positive from this time of waiting, and, if so, what? How do I cope with uncertainty, worries and changes along the way? How can I control communication with people around me? What are the things I should and should not do?

You own approach to the wait obviously has a major impact on how you (re)act during this time, and ”Sådan holder du hovedet koldt – en guide til dig, der venter på barn” provides you with a number of effective tools for keeping a cool head during this time of waiting.

Order the book here.

Karla Leger Mor og Børn

Authors: Pia Olsen and Karla Elena Olsen

Karla came into being with the help of a sperm donor; this is another way in which to create a family. A new children's book about a new type of family

How are babies made when the mother has not found a father? The four-year-old Karla is well able to answer this question. She came into being with the help of a sperm donor, and her mother explained to her how this happens. Karla also knows more or less what a sperm donor is, but she does not know what it is like to have a father. When Karla plays with her dolls, she plays Mummy and Baby. In nursery school, the same game is called Daddy, Mummy and Baby.

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Hvor er Karlas far?

Author: Pia Olsen.

Description: The "Hvor er Karlas far?" book is about two-year-old Karla, who came into being with the help of a sperm donor. That is what her mother told her. Karla does not understand fully what a sperm donor is, but he must be a nice man, because he helped her mother and Karla so that they could have each other. And Karla and her maternal grandmother and grandfather could also have each other. But the sperm donor was not able to help Karla to get a father. Karla's friend Ferdinand cannot fully understand why Karla does not have a father. Ferdinand has a father - and so does the baby ghost under the sofa. "Hvor er Karlas far?" is the first Danish children's book directed at children who have come into being with the help of a known or anonymous sperm donor. A growing number of Danish women are choosing to have children with the help of a sperm donor. But how do you explain this? Experts recommend talking to children about how they came into being as early as possible. The "Hvor er Karlas far?" book is directed at children aged 2-5 years. It gives simple answers to natural questions. The book provides a good opportunity for having the necessary talk with one's child. It can also serve as a tool for grandparents, teachers and others who are unsure about how to deal with questions that a child asks about their father.

Det blev et barn

Author: Malene Raith

Description: Fertility treatment is no walk in the park, but for most people, it provides the longed-for child. No one knows in advance what the outcome will be, and no guarantees are given. People must decide themselves how much they are willing to go through.

Niller Pilfinger Får en Flyvetur

Author: Stine Josefine Dige

Description:Niller Pilfinger loves taking things apart that otherwise only adults can touch, and sometimes things almost go wrong. One day Mummy and his mother surprise him with a trip to Flyvergrillen, a cafe by the airport. Here he meets Pia Pilot, who invites him up to look at his old propeller plane. There are loads of exciting, flashing buttons and handles in the cockpit. I wonder if Niller Pilfinger will be able keep his fidgety fingers off them?

The book about Niller Pilfinger is for children aged 2-5 years. The story is based on what is called a rainbow family, but the book is directed at all children who are passionate about motorbikes, mechanics and aeroplanes...

Order the book here.

A novel by Kristina Nya Glaffey: "Mor og Busser."
Forlaget Gladiator, 122 pages, DKK 199.

What is it like growing up in a family with two mothers for today's rainbow children?
We really find that out when the children become adults and relate their own experiences. However, in her new novel, ’Mor og Busser’, Kristina Nya Glaffey attempts to put herself in the child's place and talks about life in the core lesbian family from a child's perspective that is unbiased and full of childish wonder.


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