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About the clinic

In 1997 a law was passed in Denmark on artificial insemination that made it illegal for doctors to treat women not married to or living with a man. The law only applied to doctors, which is why it was possible for Midwife Nina Stork to open StorkKlinik on 6 October 1999.

In 2002 we had 5 employees at StorkKlinik, but due to the clinic’s positive development this number had increased to 12 by 2007. At the same time, space had become an issue, and we moved to significantly larger premises with, among other things, a professional laboratory for preparation of sperm.

In January 2007 it became legal for doctors to give fertility treatment to single women and lesbians. This afforded StorkKlinik some exciting opportunities. This meant that we could plan the opening of Stork IVF Klinik, employ skilled fertility doctors and embryologists and expand with a clinic offering treatments made possible by the latest research, e.g. IVF, ICSI, TESA, blastocyst-culture and egg donation. Every summer since 2006, we have celebrated all the children that have been born at StorkKlinik. You will be invited to the annual Stork Get-Together, where children and their parents enjoy a festive day together.

In 2008 an external CEO took over the management of StorkKlinik, and in 2010 the clinic moved to our current location on Store Kongensgade in the heart of Copenhagen. That same year Iben Frithiof joined the Board, and Stork IVF Klinik opened in June 2011. Iben Frithiof took over the management of both clinics as CEO in 2012. Today all our staff are specialists and able to function fully in both clinics.

StorkKlinik and Stork IVF Klinik have now merged into one large fertility clinic that provide mutual inspiration and continued development, which are some of the values we incorporate in StorkKlinik. We aim to ensure that everyone feels safe and listened to when they come to StorkKlinik. We are ethical, honest and tolerant and pride ourselves on delivering high professional standards. We keep up-to-date with the latest developments within fertility treatment by attending conferences and courses throughout the world. Since opening StorkKlinik, we have strived to give our customers the best possible experience. We believe that the creation of new life can be a special event that should feel good to recall when holding your baby in your arms.


Stork IVF Klinik | St. Kongensgade 40 H, 1. sal | DK-1264 Copenhagen K
Tel. +45 3257 3316 | Fax +45 3257 3346 | | CVR. No. 33 03 49 11


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