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Be open and realistic – even when it is difficult

For many people, trying to become pregnant is seen as a special time filled with wishes, hopes and dreams for the future.

Even if you are fit and healthy and all circumstances are perfect, there are no guarantees that you will become pregnant after your first insemination or IVF treatment.

Scientific research has come a long way, but we cannot control everything. For example, not all eggs can be fertilised, and there are aspects relating to the division process of the fertilised egg as well as implantation in the uterus that we do not have full control of.

You may find this very annoying and frustrating. Some women find that the fertility process almost takes over their lives. It can be stressful to go on wishing, hoping and counting the days.

How do I deal with my emotions?

Some people find it helpful to talk to others in the same situation.

Women/couples that we are working with or have worked with often form groups. Many people take great pleasure from being part of a group and chatting about everything and anything with others in the same situation.

For others, it can be better to think about other things, keep busy and not dwell on fertility treatment and pregnancy. Try to find your own balance. Admit to the feelings that arise during the process, but try also to remain open to other exciting things in your life besides your menstrual cycle, ovulation, hormones and waiting.


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