Infertility, childlessness and fertility treatment can affect the psyche of an individual in different ways may be significant to one's everyday life and dreams for the future. Much thought, deliberation and decisions are often required along the way.

Although it may seem hard at times, try also to focus on your life/lives as a whole, with its many other facets. Remember, life involves so many things other than being childless and waiting to become pregnant.

That’s why you should remember to live healthily, but also as normally as you can. Have any holiday or break that you need. As far as possible, prioritise festivities, courses, etc.

Scientific research has come a long way, but we cannot control everything. There are probably many aspects of fertilisation that we are still unaware of, but there is ongoing research into the area of fertility treatment.

Naturally, it can be very annoying and frustrating not to become pregnant, especially when you are doing all the right things.

Try to find your own balance. Admit your feelings, but try also to remain open to other exciting things in your life besides your menstrual cycle, ovulation, hormones and waiting.

We are very happy to help adapt your fertility treatment so that it suits you and the life you lead.


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