Donor semen / Reservations


If you would like to order specific donor sperm, you can do so yourself/yourselves or leave this to StorkKlinik.

This must be done after the consultation and before treatment begins. The donor sperm will then be reserved in your name(s). You pay for the number of units of donor sperm you would like to have sent to StorkKlinik, along with a delivery charge and an annual administration charge for storing 1-10 units of sperm in your sperm store.

StorkKlinik also gives you the option of reserving donor sperm from the same donor by whom you became pregnant. This will allow you to use the same donor for any siblings.

However, this is not important to some women/couples as they are of the opinion that children who grow up together will always be siblings, regardless of their genetic make-up.

If you’ve had a baby as a result of treatment with donor sperm at another clinic, StorkKlinik can find out whether it is possible to order sperm from the same donor.

For this, you need to find out the donor number from the previous clinic.


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