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Known donor

Do you have a known sperm donor?

If you would like to us your own or a dedicated donor (who is not your partner) – known as a known donor – for your treatment at StorkKlinik, your known donor will be subject to the Danish Health Authority’s practice and statutory requirements for screening through interview, physical examination and blood tests, as well as swabs for selected infectious diseases.

1. Screening through interview for sperm donation from a known donor.

All known donors must undergo an assessment performed by a health professional at StorkKlinik. This assessment considers the risk of infectious diseases and the risk of passing on any hereditary diseases. The donor must complete and sign a declaration in which he makes a solemn declaration about his health. He consents to his health information being passed on to the woman/couple, to whom he will be donating. He also has to undergo a physical examination in connection with the consultation.

2. Freezing sperm

Freezing sperm as well as relevant and obligatory tests will be done at European Spermbank

3. A written evaluation is provided along with verbal information on any risks and results

You have to sign a declaration of informed consent, after which your fertility treatment can begin.

If you are considering coming here with a known donor, please phone us first on +45 3257 3316 or send an email to so that we can provide you with the best possible information.


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