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1. What is VivaNeo?  
What is VivaNeo? Concept VivaNeo is based on the vision of Dr. Schrapper, of gynecologist working for a group of affiliated fertility clinics that use clinical and scientific exchange to achieve...  
2. Centers  
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3. Social Freezing  
Social Freezing Unfertilized eggs can be frozen (vitrified) for non-medical reasons if a patient wishes to delay pregnancy until later in life and whats to preserve todays fertility. The most...  
4. Medical-Technical Measures  
Physiologische ICSI (pICSI) The selection of a suitable sperm for ICSI is a decisive factor for the successful fertilization of an egg and the development of a viable embryo. Of particular importance...  
5. Medical measures  
Medical Measures Hormone Therapy Failure to get pregnant is often the result of hormone-related problems during egg maturation and ovulation. An irregular menstrual cycle can be the first sign of a...  
6. Treatments  
State-of-the-Art Reproductive Medicine The fertility clinics in the VivaNeo Group offer all types of treatment for couples wishing to have children.This includes hormone therapy, test-tube...  
7. Home  
VivaNeo –  Your Reproductive Medicine Specialists vivaneo is a network of fertility clinics in Germany, Netherlands, Denmark and Austria. We use our extensive experience to assist you in all...  
8. Why Vivaneo?  
Why VivaNeo?  
9. About VivaNeo  
About VivaNeo  
10. Management  
Management The vivaneo Group is led by physician representatives of the individual centers who form an advisory board that makes all important decisions. The elected leading reproductive specialist...  
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