Welcome to StorkKlinik – your fertility clinic in Copenhagen

We welcome you in cosy surroundings in the centre of Copenhagen.

We offer all types of fertility treatment: natural and hormone-stimulated insemination, IVF/ICSI and TESA, blastocyst cultivation and freezing of eggs and sperm. Our laboratory uses state-of-the-art fertility equipment that includes three EmbryoScopes, in which we monitor you eggs.

At StorkKlinik we know the importance of being surrounded by a staff knowing about your background and treatment. Therefore we offer a permanent team following your process here at the clinic; a doctor, a nurse/midwife and a secretary. This team will help you with any questions you might have during the process.



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Stork IVF Klinik | St. Kongensgade 40 H, 1. sal | DK-1264 Copenhagen K
Tel. +45 3257 3316 | Fax +45 3257 3346 | info@storkklinik.dk | CVR. No. 33 03 49 11


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